Keep Track Visitor Information on Your Tumblr Page

If you are the administrator of a particular blog, you might have always had the inclination to know which people have been visiting your blog and where most of them originate from. Sure, a lot of blogs will give you the total number of visitors that you get but sometimes this is simply not enough. Serious online marketers really require this information in order to fine tune their content in a way that might attract even more visitors. It gives them a clear perspective of what they are doing right and which aspects of their business they need to rectify. Even if you do not fall into the category of an online marketer, you might want to see the daily number of visitors you get rise steadily.

How Tumblr Differs in This Aspect from Other Blogging Platforms

There are various blogging platforms out there that make it extremely easy and fast for you to add statistics programs using the Administrator Panels. The process is simple and uncomplicated and you do not need any in-depth knowledge of programming to make it go off without a hitch. However, the case with Tumblr is different; it poses more of a challenge and is not very user-friendly. So, it helps to have a straightforward set of instructions handy when you attempt to do this.

Suitable Methods

Adding a visitor statistics counter to your Tumblr blog becomes quite difficult for freshers since there is not much information listed in the help pages and most of the online search options do not turn up reliable results. You should not become disheartened at this and give up; instead the solution to this issue comes in the form of JavaScript that can be installed directly into the Tumblr designs of your Tumblr page. While making any sort of changes or alterations to your template, you should always prepare for backup so that you are easily able to recover your work in case something goes astray.

Main Instructions

You should try to install the custom tracking JavaScript that is supplied directly by StatCounter. The first step involves logging on to your existing Tumblr account. You should then head on to the Customise link and click on it. This should be followed by Theme and then you need to choose the Use Custom HTML option. Once you have scrolled all the way to the end of the code, you need to paste your StatCounter code right before the tags. As soon as you have finished all of these steps, you should not forget to click the Save Changes button. You should test this out once after you are done to see if it is working properly – all you have to do is log back into your StatCounter account and then check to see if visits to your page are being recorded or not.


How to Generate Traffic for Your Blog with Tumblr

Any blogger will want to increase the amount of traffic to their site and one of the most effective methods of doing so in recent times is Tumblr with its focus on social media integration. Tumblr has managed to create a unique and thriving ecosystem for itself and now hosts more than 92.5% of blogs. This is a testament to the functionality of the website which provides lots of important resources at the disposal of its users. In terms of social interactivity, Tumblr allows you to follow different blogs that pique your interest and then displays them to you in the form of a stream of posts. You are also encouraged to post snippets on your existing Tumblr account in the form of images, quotes, links and videos of your choice.

Using Tumblr for Generation of Internet Traffic

Tumblr boasts of one of the easiest user interfaces out of various blogging platforms. Once you have logged in, you have to first begin by clicking the button marked Customize on the top right corner of the new microblog. You need to add a title along with a good description. Make sure that you link your Tumblr page to your existing primary blog. The latter is where all the traffic you generate will be directed. If you wish to add more pages, you simply need to click the Add a Page/Pages link. These pages can be used by you to promote a wide variety of services or products. In the Social Bar, you have to add your social media profiles.

Ensure Quality of Content

You have to post interesting yet brief content on your Tumblr profile. It could be in the form of eye-catching pictures and videos. If it captures the attention of the users, they will react to the post and will reblog your content. Try to keep the media on your profile as interesting and humorous as possible. You might try pulling a few select quotes from any article present in your primary blog and then post the same on Tumblr. Keep in mind that you have to add keywords to your content.

Time to Retool the Content of Your Blog

The thing you need to understand is the older your existing blog is, the better content it is bound to contain. Chances are the majority of it has never been seen by your target audience. You can rectify this situation by pulling select quotes and snippets from your articles and then posting them to your new Tumblr site so as to provide them with a new lease of life. It is possible to queue content on Tumblr and then choose the number of posts you wish to add in a single day. Moreover, you can even select the time when you want your content to go live.

Becoming Socially Active Online

Tumblr allows you to follow other users and the content they post. These will appear regularly in your stream. The more you reblog the contents posted by others, the more interesting your feed will be. You will notice that small comments appear on every post you publish on Tumblr. These mention statistics like the number of people who have liked your content or who have reblogged your post. This way you will slowly be able to build up a sizeable following.

How to Use Tumblr for Improving Your Business

The Internet is awash with different blogging platforms and many businesses have turned to these to expand the scope of their business. However, it is important to know that no blogging platform is capable of catering to the specific needs of an e-commerce website better than Tumblr. This particular web page is the ideal solution for all business owners who wish to find success on the Internet. The reason why Tumblr has gained so much popularity in recent times is due to the fact that this is an all-in-one blogging tool which is capable of merging the two aspects of social media and blogging, thereby facilitating quick and improved viral sharing. The benefits of Tumblr are numerous and you need to get an idea if you are to use them to enhance your business.

Tumblr gives access to good content

It is not difficult to use Tumblr templates to find some great content. You can use the platform in the form of a research tool to scope out new ideas for your existing blog. All you need to do is go through the various blogs which are available on the site and you can easily locate what exactly you are looking for in a short span of time. Another huge advantage that Tumblr provides you with is the ability to form curated content. You no longer have to deal with different hassles in order to create specially curated content. This step has been made easier with the re-blog feature that is unique to Tumblr. You have to read the blogs which you think are extremely interesting and are worth a mention and then all you have to do is simply press the button marked re-blog. This feature enables you to post the content that you shared to all of your social media accounts. If you are a frequent user of social media platforms, you will be able to post media such as videos, images and even links directly to your Tumblr account without feeling the need to post any kind of additional content.

Creating Unique Communities on Tumblr

One of the key aspects of Tumblr is its dedication to social interaction. You can consider Tumblr as a blog that has been blended with the power of social media. As you continue to use the platform, you will come across different communities which pertain to your brand and business and this will help you attract people who might be interested in your services and products. The user friendliness level of Tumblr is eons ahead of other mainstream social media networks.


Tumblr provides you with the right setup to share your posts in a fast and easy manner so that you can reach out to your social communities without any difficulty. The fact that you can post shorter on this platform means that it is great for merchants you wish to post small but interesting content on their blogs.

SEO Capabilities of Tumblr

Tumblr boasts of plenty of social sharing properties which is enhanced by the fact that the entire platform remains indexed. This provides you with a greater chance of obtaining higher page rankings and serves as an amazing source of direct referral traffic. Tumblr also allows you to chart your progress. This assists you in identifying all of your weakest points and then the attention gets shifted to your strengths. The best part is that you get all of this and more for free. Tumblr provides you with all the important features that you require to get a working blog up and running for no cost at all.