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SugarCube SC-1 eliminates clicks and pops from statistics, for a price.

SugarCube SC-1 eliminates clicks and pops from statistics, for a price.

Dirt and dirt inside the grooves, scratches on the floor or maybe a negative pressing can result in a less than crystal clean listening experience when spinning an album on a turntable. Record cleaning machines can help, but if your series is massive and also you do not have the time for regular vinyl upkeep – and feature a healthy bank balance – the SugarCube SC-1 can help strip the sign of its snap, crackle and dad.

First delivered at Denver's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in late 2016, the SC-1 finally launched on Indiegogo after which have become available for purchase with the aid of customers. SweetWater says that the tool is the first audiophile hardware to incorporate real-time, non-destructive click and pop removal technology that works on any vinyl album.

The smooth-up manner is predicated on 24-bit/192 kHz virtual processing and a proprietary set of rules that combine to come across, isolate and cast off unwanted noise without any sonic degradation, however which may be switched off the usage of a skip button when the listener desires to sacrifice clarity for a pure analog revel in.

The user can manipulate simply how active the noise elimination is, with unit popularity and click/pop elimination energy displayed on the the front display panel. Or far off adjustment is to be had via an iOS/Android companion app.

The SugarCube SC-1 has been available to buy inside the US for a little even as for around US$1,550, but has just currently made its way throughout the pond to the United Kingdom courtesy of Henley Audio. At that form of cash even though, you can discover yourself all of sudden appreciating the allure of clicks and pops throughout playback of your vintage vinyl. The video below has greater.


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