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The world's hottest Indian: Here's the assembly FTR1200

It's been nearly 2 years since the primary photos of the outrageous FTR1200 Custom hit my inbox, and since then i have been waiting, drooling in desperate hope sort of a dog next to a board, to visualize what this factor would appear as if in production type.

I'm not a flat hunter. I've ne'er flatted a track in my life. i do not even notably like retro bikes, as a rule. however one thing that Custom thought stirred my gizzards like no motorbike before or since. it had been the proper intersection of horny, stripped-back appearance and real, nasty thrashability.

But customs and ideas square measure one thing; production motorcycles square measure another. creating one thing look deadly cool whereas ticking all the boxes for road-legal standing across a mish-mash of various countries and states isn't any tiny challenge. Mirrors, fenders, registration number plate holders, indicators and (above all) Euro-compliant exhausts look plain dorky a lot of usually than not. thus once we detected the FTR1200 was going into production, we tend to tempered our enthusiasm.

And here it's. Indian nowadays undraped the 2019 FTR1200 and FTR1200S at a large party adjacent to Intermot in Cologne, Germany. It's odd to visualize associate yankee manufacturer saving such a vital bike for a eu debut, but hey, we tend to like animal skin trousers and sausages the maximum amount because the next guy, and there is a fairly large flat track scene developing here in Europe too, thus we're not complaining . Let's take a glance.

The engine

As expected, the FTR1200 gets its own innovative engine, a 1203 cc, 60-degree V-Twin that is considerably oversquare, with a bore of four.016 inches and a stroke of two.898 (102 x seventy three.6 mm). thus it ought to be fast and responsive on its thanks to a 120-horsepower peak (at 8250 rpm), however it's going to retain abundant of its apple-pie thunder at lower revs. a hundred and twenty H.P. could be a fine range for the road, I've continuously felt that if you cannot get the task through with one hundred some horses, a lot of power is perhaps planning to get you in hassle anyway.

If you were expecting a motor as pretty to seem at because the Scout one within the Custom, you will be frustrated. The FTR1200 motor is hidden away behind the bike's trellis frame, thus it's none of the Scout motor's horny clean metal cylinder particularisation. Indeed, it's astonishingly anonymous, with solely the main points on the clutch and generator covers creating a visible statement. this might be the worth of building a trellis frame giant and powerful enough for the general public to ham-fistedly wheelstand.

Likewise, the Custom's thigh-roasting high-rise S&S pipes square measure gone, replaced by a combine of fat upswept 2-into-1-into-2s that look … like they are doing a wonderful job of satisfying monetary unit emissions needs. i am going to in person come back to your house and take away them whereas you sleep if you do not. there'll be low and high-mount Akrapovic slip-ons obtainable, however we'll have our eye out for a full system - one thing high and flat and screaming and scrambly that may boast the FTR's wicked triangular red swingarm and rear wheel higher from the high aspect. and doubtless scorch your legs.

The looks

Overall, on the far side the engine and exhausts, the design of the FTR has survived the transition to production virtually. There square measure fewer spokes on the forged metal wheels (19-inch at the front, 18-inch at the rear, with specially-designed Dunlop tires that mimic the design of flat track hoops, however square measure changed for street grip), there is not any carbon covers on the forks and tank – those would possibly show up in an adjunct catalog at some purpose, and also the bars square measure barely high within the name of comfort and rideability, however we will abide these items.

The light source, on the opposite hand, could be a little bit of a head-scratcher, sitting on top of it seems like it ought to and sticking out from between the forks with a cowl over it like some friendly train from Thomas the railway locomotive. Bring that factor back flat between the forks and drop it down a handful inches, one thing just like the Ducati Monster light source, and you'd have a lower, leaner, meaner line to figure with.

Says the guy who's ne'er designed a motorbike in his life. i'm in fact being ultra-picky here. a motorbike as cool-looking because the FTR1200 deserves no less toothed a comb. The tank completely nails it (albeit at a reasonably tiny three.4-gallon, or 12.9-liter capability, abundant of that lives below the seat), and also the seat will a good job of reechoing flat-tracker lines whereas adding some actual area for a rider – though it does not boast a similar reasonably next-level piece of work you see on most alternative Indian motorcycles.

Suffice to mention, within the flesh this can be a really horny bike, oozing the sort of end and feel you'd expect from the fellows, and a radical and exciting departure toward the bully finish of the size compared to the remainder of Indian's road bike catalogue. there is nothing else on the road that appears just like the FTR, and it's seemingly planning to inspire lots of customization, and that is one thing Indian has inspired and embraced with the Scout. we tend to hope someone works out the way to place that V-twin engine back in center stage.

The weight

The FTR1200 are the lightest bike out and away in Indian's street catalog, that you'd expect, as it is the 1st to essentially step into the performance arena. It's still planning to be a good previous chunk of metal, though, the quality model advisement in at 488 pound (221 kg) dry. that is just about bang on what the BMW R NineT weighs with all the fluids and fuel in, therefore the FTR will certainly have a solid and husky feel on the road.

2019 FTR1200 vs FTR1200 S

Two versions of this street hunter are obtainable, each with normal controller and ABS, that is terrific to listen to. The key variations are within the suspension and physics, furthermore because the paint jobs and a few cosmetic details.

The regular FTR1200 gets preload-adjustable forks, a preload and rebound-adjustable shock, a nice-looking analog dash (that optimistically runs up to two hundred miles per hour), and it comes in black, black or black.

The S model gets adjustable suspension at each ends, and it comes in titanium/black, red/grey and also the red-framed "Race Replica" within the overwhelming majority of those shots, that is that the best wanting of the heap by a rustic mile.

The S additionally gets a colossal physics upgrade based mostly around associate mechanical phenomenon activity unit, sanctioning adjustable, lean angle-sensitive traction management, stability management and wheelie management. S riders get the possibility to disable ABS if they need (without any nervy fuse-pulling), and that they additionally get Sport, normal and Rain riding modes.

To manage all this additional widget, the S bike gets a four.3-inch version of Indian's full color Ride Command bit screen show, complete with thumb controls on the left bar, your selection of show themes and Bluetooth integration along with your smartphone. it is a well-favoured and extremely useful dash, however i used to be disturbed such 21st-century gear would possibly feel a touch out of place on a flat hunter. It sits on the bars wanting a touch like associate aftermarket TomTom nav hold in a number of these photos. within the flesh although, the total factor appearance tight, nasty and prepared to rumble.


Indian has been thus kind on furnish full rating details for all variants. the quality, black FTR1200 can run you US$12,999. The FTR1200 S can value US$14,999 in its 2 black-framed variants, and also the red-framed, white-on-black-to-red gradient – the Race reproduction model that everyone's planning to wish – are a grand dearer at US$15,999.

So beat all, it is not the Custom. it had been ne'er planning to be the Custom. we must always place the Custom out of our minds and appearance at the assembly FTR1200 for what it is: a badass-looking retro street hunter with muscle and oomph, the primary Indian that is planning to carry on with the wild-eyed crazy lads within the canyons, and one that is planning to have movie-star vogue, imposing presence and total magnetism out the front of whichever eating place diner or coffeehouse you park it close to.

We're excited everywhere once more, and that we hope this hot very little range will serious business for Indian. Lord knows, the R NineT and also the Scrambler did all forms of kickshaws for BMW and Ducati's bottom line, and in our read neither of these might launch cardinal ships just like the FTR1200.


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